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Root Perm

Root Perm操作简单,发根能自然的蓬松起来。因为这款烫发只在发根烫了一个弯,用这个弯度把发杆支撑起来,就好比用吹风机把发根吹起来的效果是一样的,效果是非常自然。对于波波头、短发、锁骨发等发型修饰顶部轮廓效果非常给力。Root Perm更适合偏短的发型,这是因为头发太长,自身的重量太重,头发的下坠感增大,烫过发根的效果会减弱。Root Perm工具分为大中小三个型号,一般烫发根多用小号,中号和大号主要用于调整顶部轮廓用的。

Root Perm is a process of hairstyling that provides volume and visible thickness to the roots of one’s hair. It involves perming only the roots of the hair, or the first two to four inches from the scalp. Curlers will be added only to sections of the crown to give roots additional height, body, and volume. This perm is very manageable, hassle-free, and voluminous hair at zero effort.

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