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Senior Director

More than 15 years of experience in hairdressing, Simon is the Founder and also Senior Director at Momtz Hair Salon. He has managed to expand his customer profiles to all different ages and has many years of experience in dressing the right hair with the right style. He is the backbone of the salon, providing his assistance throughout the organization, making him one of Momtz Hair Salon's most valuable assets.


Creative Director

With over 17 years of experience, Fiona transforms your hair with every touch. Her artistry comes in many forms: colorists paint infinite shades, stylists sculpt with scissors, how you feel with the stroke of her hand. All bring you the art of Fiona, she is particularly good at perm design, custom-mixed hair color as well as Balayage color.


Creative Director

More than 17 years of experience in the hair industry, Her strength is in creating and designing a hairstyle that flatters an individual’s according to their feature. Also picking the most suitable hair colors to enhance their skin tone and lifestyle especially with highlights and perm. It creates personality as well. Make an appointment with Pepsy and walk away with a brand new appearance.


Senior Stylist

With her extensive hair experience, Grace is known for her artistic color techniques and exquisite styling for soft and beautiful curls. She is also every girl’s favorite when it comes to trendy pop color as well as sweet feminine styles! Clients appreciate Grace’s bubbly and bright spirit that is ever ready to help provide them a solution that exceeds their expectation! 


Senior Stylist

Wendy's decade of experience in the hair industry has made her understand the customer's needs well. The years spent in the hair industry has honed her knowledge, skills, and creativity in perfecting chic cuts, colors, perms, and styles for both men and women.


Senior Assistant

A growing star in the hair industry. Patrick is passionate about hair and believes hair plays an important role on personal style and appearance.He enjoys trying out fresh looks on his clients. He’s also open to play around with creative color that would suit individual character as well as their lifestyles. On top of that, he makes the effort to teach his clients the proper way and best hair care for their new styles.  

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Junior Assistant

Since his early training years, his easy-going manner and sincere intent to serve have left a lasting impression on many happy customers. Do not hesitate to share your hair concerns; he is ready to give you a brand-new style fit for any occasion!

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