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Ludic Perm

这款烫发是在日本风磨一时,适合发量少的一组烫发,头发烫卷成细小的空气 烫,性感且时髦,应用高层次的裁剪方式去进行修剪,利用各种不同大中和小号数的卷 心去篇排在头上。这款发型的蓬松度非常好,且能烫出弹性十足的卷度让头发型状最少可以维 持8个月至一年左右。Ludic Perm的塑层次感和线条感也十分明显,是一个非常有带表性和女人味十足的烫发,也是momtz本店的爆款!

Ludic Perm leaves the top of the hair natural and the middle, bottom sections are permed, often with a variety of rod sizes to ensure the curl continues to look natural. A stack perm creates the illusion of layers, adding fullness and softness to your look. The shapely tendrils roam around the face and add a sassy edge to the feminine hairstyle.

Orphic Perm